Domestic salesman

  • Work Place:Dongguan - Shipai Town
  • Wages:4.5-9K
  • Recruitment Number:1
  • Release Date:2023-07-19


Job category: Sales Representative

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for new customer development, old customer maintenance

Job Requirements:

1, men and women, age 18-30 years old, priority inspirational to become an excellent sales, you have a dream, we have a stage!

2. Love sales work

3, excellent language expression and communication skills,

Have plastic industry, plastic modification, color master, pigment, ultramarine, titanium dioxide, carbon black and other related sales experience is preferred, no experience can also.

Company Platform:

1, the company has a perfect training mechanism, will participate in a variety of plastic industry exhibitions at home and abroad every year, using the platform provided by the company for targeted sales, to promote products and services to customers;

2, the company has opened two official websites, Alibaba domestic and foreign websites, Baidu, 360 promotion, has a wealth of customer resources:

Welfare policy

1. Free accommodation: The company provides free accommodation, and the company has corresponding accommodation subsidies

2. Leave policy: Legally entitled to paid annual leave (statutory leave, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity/paternity leave, funeral leave, etc.).

3. Social security policy: Purchase five insurances (pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance), and add an additional commercial insurance (the cost shall be borne by the company) for the front-line staff, and implement the localization of employees' social security.

4. Training and learning: Various kinds of internal and external training will be organized after entry, and more ability improvement training will be provided after career orientation.

5. Logistics support: The company provides free accommodation, employees have staff canteen.

6. Staff activities: The company has more than 10 amateur interest groups, rich amateur life makes life more exciting, the company provides funds for activities.

In 2009, Dongguan Jinzhen Plastics Co., Ltd. was established, headquartered in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, in 2018, an international sales department was set up in Minying International Trade Center, in 2019, a subsidiary Guangxi Carlot New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in Wuzhou, Guangxi, and an office was set up in Nanning, Guangxi, in 2022.

Base salary plus commission, monthly salary can reach 30,000 yuan

Age requirement: Unlimited Language requirement: unlimited