Factory manager

  • Work Place:Dongguan - Shipai Town
  • Wages:8-15K
  • Recruitment Number:1
  • Release Date:2023-07-19


Job category: Director/Deputy Director

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for black masterbatch production management, production planning, production task assignment, organization and process control, etc.;

2. Responsible for the quality management of black masterbatches in the factory, from product research and development, manufacturing to after-sales service, establish and constantly improve the quality management system of the whole process;

3. Responsible for the management of plant production personnel. Personnel training, training, etc.;

4. Other matters assigned by superior leaders;

Job Requirements:

1.55 years old, masterbatch related industry more than 8 years;

2.8 years of experience in industry management of mixer + twin screw machine + single screw machine;

3. Familiar with color masterbatch formula improvement, machine maintenance, personnel training management, quality control, safety production management;

4. Strong planning, coordination and teamwork skills;

Age requirement: Unlimited Language requirement: unlimited