Mechanical mechanic

  • Work Place:Dongguan - Shipai Town
  • Wages:6-10K
  • Recruitment Number:1
  • Release Date:2023-07-19


Job category: Electrician

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the company's machinery and equipment, safety, maintenance, maintenance, electrical circuit reasonable design, installation, commissioning, and use according to the operating rules;

2, responsible for regular inspection, eliminate hidden dangers, timely replacement of aging electrical lines, to prevent corrosion of aging lines caused by leakage short circuit, and do a good job of ledger registration;

3, responsible for daily circuit inspection, found unauthorized wiring, random pull wires, damaged electrical equipment, timely correction, and report to the leader;

4, responsible for the company's mixing machine + twin screw + single screw and other equipment maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of electric shock and fire accidents caused by improper use.


1. In good health, under the age of 50;

2, more than 5 years of work experience, with electrician job certificate;

3, with high maintenance electrician professional knowledge, mixing machine + double screw + single screw maintenance knowledge; Management ability of transformer and distribution facilities, familiar with safety specifications and operation specifications;

4, with high sense of discipline, responsibility, executive ability, language expression ability, learning ability;

Age requirement: Unlimited Language requirement: unlimited