Ice Dun Dun why can rely on "sell face" fire out of the circle? What are the properties of the raw material masterbatch of ice Dundun?

Author:东莞市金振塑料有限公司 Date:2023-07-19 Reading:

With the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics in full bloom, and ice Dun Dun with its lovely appearance to capture a lot of netizens bloody wash the major platforms, I believe that the friends who have seen the video of ice Dun Dun know that the genuine ice Dun Dun doll outer layer is a layer of plastic shell, then you know what this layer of plastic shell is made of?

The answer is the masterbatch. The color of the masterbatch is divided into many kinds, there are transparent, black, and colored, and the shell of ice Dundun is made of transparent color masterbatches. The masterbatch can also be adjusted according to the content of carbon black.


The masterbatch has the advantages of good heat resistance, water resistance, elastic foot, long life, etc., but it needs more light resistance and weather resistance.

The reason why the shell of ice Dun Dun can do not fade for three years is here, because the color masterbatch has good weather resistance.

The shell of ice Dun Dun can also resist higher temperatures, this is because the temperature of the masterbatch in the injection molding process melt is relatively high, and the time of retention in the high temperature material is relatively long, which requires the coloring agent used to have high heat resistance in order to resist the damage of high temperature. If the use of PP copolymerization blow molding temperature will be higher.

After reading so much, is it more understanding of ice Dun Dun?