Why is the color masterbatch widely used in the plastic product production industry?

Author:东莞市金振塑料有限公司 Date:2023-07-19 Reading:

  In the production process of plastic products adding colorant is a common technical means, in order to make plastic products according to people's needs to show different colors, effectively improve the weather resistance and anti-aging of plastic products, color masterbatch is a common colorant in the plastic production industry. The reason why this colorant can be widely used is mainly because of the following reasons.



First, the cost is low

First of all, for some small batches of plastic products or plastic products that require frequent color matching, the cost of using other colorants is undoubtedly much higher. However, the main reason for its wide application is the use of color masterbatches for color matching and color matching, which can effectively control costs.

Two, the operation is simple

For some large plastic products manufacturers, both technology and equipment are relatively strong, so it is more suitable to use dyeing materials in color matching. However, for some small manufacturers with technical strength and weak equipment and equipment, the color matching method of color squares will be more convenient and simple in operation, and the color will be more uniform.

Third, the pollution is small

Use color dyes to adjust the color, but if there is no professional dust prevention measures, it is easy to cause dust pollution. As a particle colorant, the masterbatch can effectively avoid dust pollution during use, ensure that the environment in the production process is cleaner and more conducive to environmental protection.